Company Profile & Values

Limko Chemicals, with its roots going back to the 90s, is the professional, traditional and trustworthy supplier in the distribution of agricultural ethyl alcohol products in Turkey.

The name “Limko”, refers to the combination of the first syllables of words “limon” (lemon) and “kolonya” (cologne) indicating the traditional supply activities. For years, the lemon flavored colognes produced with the Limko alcohols have been spreading freshness, hygiene and beautiful odors at friendly gatherings.

The stages that start with the production at ethyl alcohol factories, continue with the logistics, storing, import procedures, obtaining of government alcohol market permissions and is completed by the timely deliveries to the final user manufacturing companies.

Experienced Limko Team, at each step of the link that forms the supply chain, performs at the highest international quality and customer satisfaction standards.


Mission & Targets

With the focus on experienced and professional teamwork, emphasis on timely and reliable practices, Limko Chemicals aims to achieve the highest customer service satisfaction, implement efficient practices and continuously source and distribute high quality ethyl alcohol for the industrial market.



With our knowledgeable, experienced and highly motivated team, at each step of our business, Limko Team utilizes the most up-to-date efficient practices and works in harmony with our business partners to achieve the long term, balanced and steady growth our business performances.